Touching: Lambo’s last wish comes true

“For the 80th anniversary of the birth of Stefan Danailov, who is our teacher, we will make a theater in his name. This is my personal promise to him when he was still alive, that was his last wish and I will do it!”

This shared before Bulgaria Today the producer Kiril Kirilov, who is already working on the project for a private troupe in the name of the Master. The idea was born shortly before the death of the great actor.

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“Stefan Danailov dreamed of such a thing, but he did not have the opportunity to realize it, because his earthly journey is over. My colleague Pavel Ivanov and I have already found a room for the theater – the building will be on G. S. Rakovski “, and the places are 450. The project will be realized with our personal private investments, as well as with the help of funds. We are currently concluding contracts with various investors, and we are looking for more,” Kirilov said.

Cyril and Paul will continue the work of their teacher

He explained that in addition to Lambo’s students from all grades, the theater will also feature those who are a favorite of Bulgarians and want to play on stage different and interesting texts.

“Even while he was alive, Stefan Danailov told what plays he dreamed of performing on this stage, because he loved the students as his children and wanted them to continue to be as united as when they were his students. The name of the theater will be like a gesture to him, gratitude for what he has done for all of us, “Kirilov added.

“When I graduated in the class of Stefan Danailov, he helped me a lot. There are no random people in the National Theater, and he guarantees for me. The doors quickly opened for me after the guarantee he gave for me, he stood up. And the fact that he He helped young people, he talks a lot about his scale as a person, the advice I received is a lot, I can’t forget it, I remember one of the most important – never to take myself too seriously and not to get into unnecessary criticism of myself “You and the people around me. These things waste your time that can be used for work,” said the Master. , shares the actor, who is called the young Stefan Danailov – Pavel Ivanov. “It is extremely pleasant to compare me with him, but there is no way to give birth to a second Lambo. Besides being great, he contributed to a better life for people in culture and other fields. His path changed the destinies of hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians.” shared Ivanov.

And another great theater – Coco Azaryan

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And the students of another great director and lecturer from NATFA – Koko Azaryan, created a private theater. This happened on March 15, 2015 after the death of Prof. Azaryan.

Coco was also adored by his students

Coco was also adored by his students

It is housed in the National Palace of Culture and has been playing established names on the Bulgarian and European scene for years. The theater provides space for the performance of young artists who draw new trends in the performing arts. The theater also hosts foreign artists, which makes it part of the common space of shared European values.

They are making a film and a holographic show of “The Actress”

“We have not given up on the holographic performance of the play ‘The Actress’, which will be performed at the National Theater.

Vladimir Danailov, Stefan's only heir, will also take part in the film

Vladimir Danailov, Stefan’s only heir, will also take part in the film

But this will also happen. We are also working on a documentary about the Master, which has already been written by Rositsa Danailova, Stefan Danailov’s niece. In the main role we will certainly see Stefan’s son – Vladimir, who is an exceptional boy, very similar to him and is open to his participation in projects related to his father’s name, “said Kiril Kirilov, who said with a laugh. that she knows about the Satirical Theater’s project to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Stoyanka Mutafova, who also wants to turn it into a hologram. “The idea was originally ours, related to Stefan, but not bad – Stoyanka is also a great woman. , and he and Stefan were good friends, “said Kiril Kirilov.

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