Touche Pas à Mon Poste: The program broadcast on Sunday? Cyril Hanouna puts an end to the suspense

Do not touch My TV

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Credit: C8

Cyril Hanouna has just revealed whether Touche Pas à Mon Poste will soon be scheduled on Sunday, as he wanted. We tell you everything here.

The start of the season Do not touch My TV is a hit with audiences! So with the directors of the channel, Cyril Hanouna mentioned the idea of ​​doing a show on Sunday … On the set of TPMP, he explained: “We are in the process of thinking with the management of C8, with Franck Appietto in particular, Gérald Brice Viret, my Vincent Pujol, on an additional TPMP during the week. It works very, very hard on Friday. It works very, very hard all week. There is a lot of news (…) It is far from being done “. A project that just fell through, as Cyril Hanouna has just informed this Tuesday, January 11.

“You forget! There is no money (…) Unfortunately, it was TPMP People or TPMP on Sunday and that of Sunday is much more expensive than TPMP People, since there is a problem of animator! (…) We could not do everything “, responded Cyril Hanouna to Valérie Bénaïm during a small improvised meeting on the set of Do not touch My TV with Vincent Pujol, director of programs at C8. Already at the time when Baba had launched the idea, he had explained that it could get stuck for money matters … Sunday is paid double! So if the columnists had agreed to make an effort on the salary, Cyril Hanouna did not want to ask the technical teams to make one as well …

No TPMP on Sunday, but a return from TPMP People

You will have understood it well TPMP People will be back! An announcement that Cyril Hanouna made live last night. And it is Matthieu Delormeau who will be at the presentation of the show. As much to say to you that he was very happy to recover his program. But at the moment, it is not known when the show will air, or how many times it will air per week. There is still a mystery hanging over TPMP People!

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