Touche Pas à Mon Poste: Kellyn tackles reality TV, Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika answer him and it’s violent

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Kellyn recently visited Touche Pas à Mon Poste and she balked that if she was eliminated from Objectif Rest of the World, it was because she refused to be closer to Illan. Confidences which made the candidates of reality TV react enormously … Especially since Kellyn also swayed on the shootings and the productions. What made Nikola Lozina react who does not understand her comrade and for him, she spits in the soup, as you can see it a little further down in this article! And he specifies that he has never been asked to create fake stories with Laura Lempika to create a buzz.

Laura Lempika also reacted to Kellyn’s intervention in Do not touch My TV. She declares that she is shocked by the words she heard! She explains that she has never been asked to pair up to stay on an adventure. And she evokes the production with which she has worked for several years, namely Banijay.

Kellyn’s passage in TPMP as well as the criticisms of some columnists on reality TV have reacted to other reality TV candidates … This is the case of Raphaël Pépin, Vivian, Toto or even Feliccia. For her part, Kellyn did not respond to everything he said about her on social networks. And there is another moment in Touche Pas à Mon Poste that made the buzz, it is the intervention of Alix who swayed on a candidate.

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