Touche Pas à Mon Poste: “ I can no longer be offended ”, Cyril Hanouna tackles a columnist

Do not touch My TV

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Credit: C8

Cyril Hanouna has just reframed one of his columnists live in Touche Pas à Mon Poste. We tell you everything in this article.

Do not touch My TV, it just started on C8 and Cyril Hanouna is already in great shape! Like every evening, the host introduced the columnists who are present around the table. And there is one who did not fail to react to the very sporty outfit of Cyril Hanouna. For this daily of Thursday, January 6, 2022, Baba put on a light blue tracksuit from a major brand whose logo is a crocodile. And Bernard Montiel wondered why Cyril Hanouna had hidden the brand of his jacket, when we can clearly see that it is the Lacoste brand! It must be said that all the logos were not hidden …

As soon as he says something, he says bullshit!

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Bernard Montiel – Credit (s): C8

Bernard Montiel’s little remark therefore made Cyril Hanouna react, who did not hesitate to tackle his columnist. He then balances at him: “I can’t hurt him anymore! No kidding, I can’t hurt him anymore! As soon as he says something, he says bullshit. No kidding! Go back to the Elysee and don’t bother us!”. Élie Semoun, the guest of the evening, then wondered what was the function of Bernard Montiel at the Elysee Palace. Cyril Hanouna then replied: “He is spokesperson … From the Elysée gate!”. A moment that will have made everyone laugh on the set of Do not touch My TV !

Cyril Hanouna often reframes his columnists

And since the start of the week, Cyril Hanouna clearly does not hesitate to reframe his columnists … We remember in particular Tuesday night when he tackled everyone on the set saying that they had done a bad performance the day before and yet, the show was followed by more than 2 million viewers. He just congratulated Valérie Bénaïm, Matthieu Delormeau and Raymond who worked very well for the daily Monday evening. For Cyril Hanouna, the audience record that was achieved is thanks to them!

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