Touche Pas à Mon Poste: Danielle Moreau threatened by Isabelle Morini Bosc? She rocks everything

Do not touch My TV

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Danielle Moreau swung on Isabelle Morini Bosc … We tell you everything here.

You may have noticed: Isabelle Morini Bosc has been absent from Touche Pas at Mon Poste since the start of the week. To replace her, Cyril Hanouna called Danielle Moreau, her rival. And Baba has a little fun with the situation … Each time the latter speaks on a subject, he pretends to receive a text from Isabelle Morini Bosc. And Cyril Hanouna makes believe that she slams Danielle Moreau with each speech. So when she can, the columnist takes the opportunity to tackle Isabelle Morini Bosc … And yesterday, she offered to give him half of his salary for his all-count balance, stating: “So I’m going to go against the grain and show generosity. I’m going to ask that my salary be divided by two so that we can give Isabelle half as a balance. Isabelle, if you look at us: good retirement ! “

And as you know, Thursday is the pookie box! Matthieu Delormeau then left the following message: “Danielle Moreau would have received the heads of crows received in her mailbox, as well as a hanging rope. The anonymous package was signed with IMB letters and would have arrived by a courier coming directly from RTL”. The columnist then adds: “She called me in tears yesterday to tell me that she had even received a horse’s head. Referring to the Godfather.”

Danielle Moreau balances on Isabelle Morini Bosc

Obviously, Matthieu Delormeau’s message is false. But there was something … Danielle Moreau reveals: “There was a little text message anyway. She said to me ‘solidarity of old women. You are not nice! (…) I did not answer. I prefer not to answer and make matters worse “. Like what, there seems to be a rivalry between the two chroniclers of Do not touch My TV. And when Isabelle Morini Bosc will be back on the set, we suppose that Cyril Hanouna will be happy to relaunch this little fight.

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