Touche Pas à Mon Poste: Cyril Hanouna violently tackles Simon Castaldi, Benjamin Castaldi reacts

Do not touch My TV

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Credit: C8

Cyril Hanouna violently tackled Simon, the son of Benjamin Castaldi. What made the latter react.

If the recent words of Emmanuel Macron have caused a reaction on the set of Do not touch My TV, they also made talk on social networks. And Simon Castaldi rather agrees with the words of the President of the Republic. On his Instagram story, he then balanced: “About my life he’s right. You have to stop being shocked for a sentence that any Frenchman could have said. You are all looking for the beast to make cases of it. Get vaccinated like everyone else and close your mouths. When your mother, father, grandfather or grandmother is in the cemetery, it will be too late. “

And the story of Simon made Cyril Hanouna react who did not fail to tackle him. He balances: “Benjamin Castaldi’s son, Simon, who took everything from his father except intelligence. Your son, he’s not putting one in at the moment (…) I like him a lot. Frankly, they are us also put a cartridge. I adore you, but it’s true that it pains me (…) He was vaccinated with something not good “.

Benjamin Castaldi responds to criticism from Cyril Hanouna

Simon’s father did not fail to react. He declares : “That’s not nice (…) He has a phone and he tweets, he tweets, he tweets (…) It’s his point of view (…) After on TPMP, I got on the phone and told him it was completely stupid. You are reminded that he declared that Do not touch My TV was a reality TV show and he added: “When I see certain programs which allow themselves to make a buzz on stories which are worth nothing (…) You are a televisual disgrace and I say it today with a big smile”. It remains only to know if he will react to the criticisms of Cyril Hanouna on his social networks. We imagine that yes … Unless he does not want to add fuel to the fire so as not to push his father too deep, who is a pillar columnist of TPMP!

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