Touche Pas à Mon Poste: & quot; Actually, I don’t care about her! & Quot ;, Geraldine Maillet violently tackled by a guest

Do not touch My TV

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The atmosphere was tense between Geraldine Maillet and a guest. In this article, we tell you everything.

For a few days, Geraldine Maillet is at the heart of all discussions … Not hiding her positions on the vaccine, she very regularly opposes those who do not agree with her. And Monday, it was with Myriam Palomba, the director of Public, that she had disagreements. During the daily Tuesday evening, the subject of the vaccine and the vaccine pass were still raised. And Geraldine Maillet balanced: “I called a lot of doctors who are in the field. I did not call Palomba, Di Vizio, Lalanne or Bigard”. Words that were not appreciated by the journalist who felt denigrated. She therefore went to TPMP to settle accounts with the columnist.

So to treat me like this I was a less than nothing by someone who started his career in First Kisses … I find that a little borderline!

“Saying ‘I don’t call Palomba or Di Vizzio’, I found that unbelievably disrespectful. I’m not used to giving out my CV. But I have a master’s degree in philosophy. I have a master’s degree in philosophy. a diploma from the school of journalism (…) I have an HEC training. I manage more than 60 people in my departments and I manage budgets of several million euros. So treat me like I was a less than nothing by someone who started his career in Premiers Kisses … I find that a bit limited! (…) I would just like to remind you that when I come to talk about peoples, you are one of the first to ask me backstage gossip. So, your hypocrisy! (…) When we say different things, we are either conspirators, or morons, or fascists! The denigration she had last night, it was disdainful , haughty and contemptuous (…) He is someone that I appreciated and that I found sympathetic. But with this subject, the true personalities of people are revealed (…) In truth, I do not care d’ell e! “, balanced Myriam Palomba.

Geraldine Maillet responds to Myriam Palomba

And the columnist of Do not touch My TV obviously replied to the one who directs the magazine Public. She declares: “First Kisses, I’m very proud of it, because it allowed me to pay for my studies (…) TPMP’s specificity is lively debates. We are live (…) It’s a space of freedom (…) You are used to coming here in relation to Public (…) They are not there and yet, you talk about them. You don’t mind. Yet it bothers you that I talk about you when you are not there (…) There, you came as a committed citizen (…) I am listening to you, but I do not agree with you. there to convince you and vice versa. And yesterday when I spoke about you, it was to say that when I am sick, I call a doctor and not Palomba or Di Vizio. There was nothing condescending “. The atmosphere was clearly tense on the TPMP set!

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