Touche Pas à Mon Poste: A reality TV candidate accused of sexual assault on a minor, Alix testifies

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In recent days, the world of reality TV has been shaken by a rather serious case, since a candidate has been accused of sexual assault against a minor. And it is Alix who unveiled this case in broad daylight in the premises of our editorial staff. In this exclusive interview that she gave us, Alix gives no name … But she explains having seen a video of a candidate who would have forced a young woman to have sexual practices. And tonight on the set of Do not touch My TV, she explains, with tears in her eyes, that this video was a torture to watch. Who would have shown him this video? An old friend of the candidate in question! And it is the one who revealed the video to him which clarified that the young woman was a minor. But Alix explains that she cannot be sure, since she has not seen her identity card.

Alix takes advantage of her presence in Touche Pas à Mon Poste to say that many people in the world of reality TV are aware of this story … And this for a long time! She also considers that everyone, including her, is cowardly in this affair, since no one has spoken. Despite everything, the young woman warned several productions so that this candidate no longer appears on the screen. But nothing has changed! Alix also admits that she has received threats since this story came out … And if she did not file a complaint, it is because she does not have the video in her possession.

Today if Alix came on the set of C8, it is so that the word is freed and that the victims are supported. Regarding the candidate who is accused, she intends to reveal his name to the police and only to the police, if she has the possibility to do so. For his part, Benjamin Castaldi revealed that Simon, his son, heard about this story. And the latter is angry and shocked by this affair!

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