"Totally different from Leni": Heidi Klum talks about daughter Lou

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“Totally different from Leni”
Heidi Klum talks about daughter Lou

Leni Klum followed in her mother’s footsteps and worked as a model. Her younger sister Lou, on the other hand, thinks very differently than the 17-year-old, as Mama Heidi now reveals: “She loves anime, and also sees everything in Japanese.”

Heidi Klum is currently in front of the camera for the 17th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” in Greece. Her husband Tom Kaulitz is also there of course. “He’s been on the set with me for one or two days, which makes me very happy every time,” revealed the mom of four while filming on Mykonos. “I would love to have him with me every day, but today he had appointments that he couldn’t do from the set and that’s why he stayed at home.”

Heidi Klum keeps her daughter Lou (left) out of the public eye.

(Foto: imago images / ZUMA Press)

And how much does your daughter Leni, who is now pursuing her own successful modeling career, get involved in the new season? “Maybe she’ll come over for an episode,” laughs the mom of four. “My daughter was, as the saying goes, this business in the cradle. Of course, she has followed my show from the start.” Her little sister Lou, on the other hand, goes completely different ways.

“She is totally different from Leni and has completely different interests,” said Klum about the twelve-year-old. “She’s an A-class student, has A’s all over the place. She loves anime and watches everything in Japanese, too.” At the moment she cannot decide whether she would rather be a pop star, a veterinarian or a president. “Just like children are.”

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Daughter Leni is going to college soon

As a toddler, Lou was calmer and listened to her three siblings a lot. “At some point it burst out of her. Now I hear it all the more. She always corrects me when I say something wrong.”

Leni has known “Germany’s next top model” since the beginning. “She’s turning 18 and it’s 17th year on the show, so she’s been there from the start.” According to Mama Klum, Leni has an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. “She sees the big picture,” says the 48-year-old. “We often watch the episodes together in bed before they air.” At the moment, however, Leni has a lot on his mind. The 17-year-old “is working an awful lot at the moment and goes to school at the same time, has to pass many exams,” explains Klum. “She’s last year in high school before going to college.”

The mother of four recently accompanied her offspring to Venice to the Dolce & Gabbana Couture Show, where Leni was seen as a model on the catwalk. But mom Heidi didn’t have to give tips: “I asked her: ‘Don’t you want to see the high heels on which you have to walk that long catwalk?’ She just said: ‘I just wing it? I’m improvising, Mum, I’m not afraid, I’ll rock the ship.’ “So she was just able to be a” proud mom and guest “and help her daughter, explains Heidi Klum. “But more like things like holding her phone or taking a picture of her.”

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