"Total life change"says Rebel Wilson about 1st week after daughter’s birth

Rebel Wilson celebrated her motherhood a week after the birth of her first child, Royce, who came into the world through a surrogate. The 42-year-old actress updated fans on the changes to her routine with the baby at home.

“The first week of maternity passed. It was a total change of life”, she said, who assured that she has been learning many things since the child’s arrival, such as changing diapers and feeding the baby. “Yes, I’m not looking like my most glamorous guys,” she reported when showing, on Instagram, the moment when she set up the crib for the child.

Rebel also thanked fans for their support and “all the love” they’ve given their daughter since birth. “She’s a little thing, and she’s doing so well and she’s healthy and amazing. She’s such a quiet baby, actually. So it was really nice to meet her,” she said, who said she had help from her girlfriend. Ramona Argumait’s from James Corden to take care of the child.

The announcement of Royce’s birth was made by Instagram last Monday (7/11). On the occasion, Rebel Wilson made a point of thanking the woman who was his surrogate. “Thank you for helping me start my own family, it’s an amazing gift. The best gift ever! More than proud to announce the birth of my first daughter, Royce Lillian, born last week via surrogate. love I have for her, she is a beautiful miracle,” he said at the time.

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