Torrential rains, strong winds and snow: weather alert in nine regions. That’s where the schools will be closed

Torrential rains, gale force winds that will overcome the 100 kilometers per hour in the centre-southabundant snowfalls in the Alps, even below a thousand metres, violent storms with waves up to 8 metres, an “exceptional tide” for Venice, with the forecast of high water set at 160 centimeters and the activation of the Mose. And schools closed in some municipalities of the Lazio and of Campaniastarting from Naples, while in Rome they will be barred parks, villas and cemeteries. These are the forecasts of the Ansa agency for the next 24/36 hours, with a wave of exceptionally bad weather that will hit all of Italy.

In a 2022 characterized by an extreme drought and a very long summer, the one expected in the next few hours, experts say, could be the most important meteorological event of the whole year. While affecting the entire peninsula, it will above all be the areas of central-south he was born in North East to be most affected. In 9 Regions they could be registered serious hydrogeological criticalities such as landslides, rock collapses, mudslides, floods and real floods. The Civil Protection Department has therefore triggered the red alert, the most serious on a four-level scale, for some areas of Abruzzo and Sardinia: the Alto Sangro Basin and those of Montevecchio – Pischilappiu and Tirso. Orange alert, however, for Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Molise, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The deterioration of weather conditions is expected from northern regions to then extend to the Tyrrhenian ones up to Campania and Sardinia, where widespread and intense rainfall is expected. Right in Sardiniaalready today, the first signs were recorded, with the sea reaching strength 9 and forced to blow up all the routes between the island and Corsica. I am instead the Aeolian islands have been isolated for 36 hours and all of Sicily has already been hit by storms that have forced the firefighters to overwork due to flooding and landslides.

Given the forecasts, several municipal administrations have launched a series of restraining orders. The Municipality of Rome has ordered the closure of parks, villas and cemeteries, as well as in Naples, where schools will also be off-limits, Castel dell’Ovo and the Maschio Angioino. Schools of all levels also closed in Ostia, Sabaudia, Anzio, Nettuno and still in the Vesuvian area, in the municipality of Benevento and in six municipalities of the Sorrento peninsula. To try to contain the expected wave of bad weather, five thousand bags of sand were delivered by the Civil Protection of the Campania Region to the municipalities of Agropoli and Santa Maria di Castellabate, the most affected by the storms of these days in Cilento. TO Santa Maria di Castellabate 50 cots with sheets and blankets were also delivered in the event that the Municipality decides to proceed with the evacuation of some houses exposed to flood risk because they are located near flooded water courses. In some Italian municipalities, citizens have been urged to reduce going out to the minimum in the next few hours.

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