Tornado causes damage in Saarland – no injuries

According to initial findings, the tornado formed on the outskirts of Dirmingen and then moved via Urexweiler in the direction of Remmesweiler. It left a trail of devastation in its wake: houses and a car dealership were damaged, roofs were torn off, trees were uprooted and power lines were cut.

Audio [SR 3, Lena Schmidtke, 18.11.2022, Länge: 02:58 Min.]

Tornado damage in Urexweiler

Luckily there were no injuries. The fire brigade, THW and civil protection were on duty into the night: they secured loose roof tiles, sealed roofs and cleared fallen trees from the streets.

In the case of some damaged houses, it was initially unclear whether they were still habitable. In the evening, the rescue workers also tried to get an overview of the damage with a drone. Interior Minister Reinhold Jost (SPD) also got an idea of ​​the situation on site.

The actual extent of the damage will probably only become clear later today – it will probably take even longer before the extent of the damage is known.

Tornado in Saarland: Lorena experienced it up close

Audio [SR 1, Kerstin Mark und Christian Balser, 18.11.2022, Länge: 02:07 Min.]

Tornado in Saarland: Lorena experienced it up close

Roads temporarily closed due to fallen trees

Because of fallen trees, there were also obstructions in road traffic – including on the A1 between Eppelborn and Illingen. In addition, the L130 between Remmesweiler and Urexweiler and Illinger Straße in Dirmingen had to be closed. The L130 should be released again today during the day.

Fallen trees lie on the highway.  (Photo: Eppelborn fire brigade / Frank Recktenwald)

Fallen trees lie on the highway.

Two accidents also occurred on the A8 due to hail and aquaplaning. This resulted in traffic delays between Rehlingen and Merzig.

A 35-year-old had skidded in his car near the Niedmündung rest area. As a result, three other vehicles skidded. Three people were slightly injured.

According to the situation center, there were a total of twelve police operations that were directly attributable to the storm.

Damage caused by tornadoes in Urexweiler, Dirmingen and Remmesweiler

Video [SR Fernsehen, (c) SR, 17.11.2022, Länge: 01:02 Min.]

Damage caused by tornadoes in Urexweiler, Dirmingen and Remmesweiler

The SR radio news reported on this topic on November 17, 2022.

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