Topman Welzijnsverbond denounces “bad apples” that put childcare “in a bad light”.


The Flemish Welfare Association regrets that the entire childcare is being put in a bad light “by a few bad apples”. “The stories that received extensive attention are, fortunately, the great exception. But we should not be blind to certain pain points within childcare,” says general manager Hendrik Delaruelle in an open letter on Wednesday.

Source: BELGA

In the past week, stories of abuses in various crèches surfaced again and a number of childcare initiatives had to close their doors. “These are harrowing stories that border on the improbable. We fully understand if you are concerned, because we are also concerned about this”, Delaruelle starts.

According to the general director, it is crucial that people can leave their children in the nursery with peace of mind, but “the childcare initiatives that cannot deliver on this must be removed”. Delaruelle underlines that the harrowing stories are only an exception “and that the vast majority of initiatives do provide safe shelter”.

Nevertheless, we should not be blind to certain pain points within childcare, it continues. That is why the Flemish Welfare Association advocates improving the framework in the sector and fewer children per supervisor. Professionalism must also be strengthened and steps must be taken in the pedagogical field, it says.

“The places where things go wrong may be a small minority, but even if it’s just one, it’s one too many. The entire sector needs reinforcement. And so we as the Flemish Welfare Association, together with our partners, continue to fight for childcare. We are pleased that Minister Hilde Crevits has invited all those involved around the table this month to work out a perspective plan,” said Delaruelle, who concluded his letter by thanking all childcare workers for their efforts, as well as the parents who trust have in the industry.

The Flemish Welfare Association represents 750 facilities and organizations in childcare, family support, youth care and support for people with disabilities.

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