Top or flop? Estefania Wollny now has pink hair!

How is this change received by Estefania Wollny’s (21) followers? In the past year, Die Wollnys fame has undergone an enormous transformation. The TV star lost a ton of weight while also confidently showing how comfortable she’s been in her own skin ever since. Now the singer was probably in the mood for change again. Estefania dyed her hair and is now wearing a shade of pink!

Via Instagram the 21-year-old documented her visit to the hairdresser with her sister Sylvana (31). While trying it Estefania with a new hair color and ended up posing with a pink mane. However, your community is not completely convinced of the look. “I found Este better with blonde hair, but you have to like it and you have to feel comfortable”, wrote a fan in the comments column. “I don’t think pink suits you, but nobody else has to like it but you,” said another.

Estefania herself actually seems to feel very comfortable with her decision. “A thousand thanks to this great team. I’ve had a change and I have to say I love it”wrote the “double loud” interpreter about it Instagram-Video showing her at the hairstylist.

Instagram / estefaniawollny21

Estefania Wollny in October 2022

Instagram / estefaniawollny21

Estefania Wollny in March 2023

Instagram / estefaniawollny21

Estefania Wollny in September 2021

What do you think of Estefania’s hair color?

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