TOP Manga to read December (1/2): Tsugumi Project, No Lone Rangers, etc.

Choosing a manga to read is always an ordeal for fans. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you and introduce you to manga not to be missed under any circumstances!

When looking for a manga to read, the rule of thumb is to above all, do not compare two radically different titles, especially when they come out on the same day. Of course, said like that, you might think that you are being pushed to buy (and that may be somewhat true). However, there is nothing more difficult than having to choose between two manga that we love. Afterwards, everyone has their own method. Some readers will read the manga of which they have seen the animated adaptation, others will seek advice from their friends or on social networks and still others will let their instincts guide them. And of course, there are titles not to be missed like Berserk, One Piece, chain saw man or Blue Lockespecially at the moment for the latter.

And with the approach of the holidays, publishers do not hesitate to release boxes that make it difficult for us to choose. But if you want advice on choosing a manga to read, two possibilities. Either you ask your bookseller for advice, it’s the one who will be best able to understand your expectations and offer you a title that will match 100%, or you can read our recommendations! Every two weeks, we share with you a selection of titles not to be missed And there’s something for everyone. Do you like romance? Carefree ! Do you prefer action? Put on your superhero costume, let’s go! Want something more adult? Let’s go ! Besides, it might be time to move on to the selection for the TOP manga to read in early December!

Tsugumi Project T05 at Ki-oon – Released December 1, 2022

Volume 5 of Tsugumi Project will be released on December 1 in bookstores.

It is on the occasion of JapanExpo 2019 that the publishing house Ki-oon made us discover, for the first time, Tsugumi Project. Seinen survivalist, the story will immerse you alongside Leon, an elite soldier sent to a Japan in ruins and abandoned for more than 200 years as part of a secret mission. His goal: to find a weapon named Tsugumi. On the spot, impossible to side on anyone, Leon is alone. At least until he meets Tsugumi, a native looking like a bird-human hybrid, and Tora, a gigantic tiger. While he thought he was doomed, Léon will start a real race for his survival. In volume 5, which will be released on December 1st in bookstores, you will learn more about the origins of the mysterious Tsugumi, a secret that will trigger a civil war among her people.

why we love Tsugumi Project? There are so many reasons why we love this series. First of all, if you are a little sensitive to the environmental cause, the story is particularly current and IPPATU, the author, gives us a glimpse of what our future could be. Behind this message calling for awakening and awareness, we especially take pleasure in observing the evolution of the characters and in particular Tsugumi, who seems to imitate humans. What differentiates Tsugumi Project other manga of the same genre? Everything in fact. Each survivalist and post-apocalyptic manga approaches things in its own way. In the case of IPPATU’s manga, nature has not disappeared, quite the contrary. It has evolved, it has adapted and it has armed itself to face possible threats. In short, she regained power. But it’s interesting that while some creatures have retained a rather novel approach, some are just repeating the mistakes of the human species. Tsugumi Project is a real call to awareness about our future.

50 shades of fat T08 at Doki-Doki – Released December 07, 2022

50 shades of fat

Volume 8 of 50 shades of fat will be released on December 07, 2022 in bookstores.

As Christmas and the end of the year festivities approach, what better idea than to start a small diet? Nope ! It’s wrong ! And that’s typically what 50 shades of fatavailable at Doki-Doki, will prove to us! Since the beginning of the series, the manga has only one goal: raise awareness of overeating with humor. And it works! While reading 50 shades of fat, you will dive alongside Erufuda the elf and her friends from a parallel universe. Each of them gets stuck in our world due to its weight. Because yes, if they seek to return home, the rule is strict: the body must be strictly the same on the way out and on the way back. Unfortunately for them, they encountered modern food, which is not the most balanced in the world. They therefore follow regime after regime.

why we love 50 shades of fat? Do diets freak you out? Do you need to play down weight loss? Or do you just want to laugh? 50 shades of fat is made for you! Indeed, while we are regularly told about the increase in obesity, it can be oppressive to have to respond to the health injunctions of our society. But in this manga, we are not harped on all the time that to lose weight, you absolutely have to deprive yourself. Not far from here. Things are explained intelligently with, as examples, the many characters present. In volume 08, the rule of LPG (Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids) is even explained! And if you just want to laugh, the rivalries that exist between the characters should please you! Indeed, each of them has its objective and often a rival, or unexpected behavior. And this clever mix leads us straight to grotesque situations to make you laugh out loud. 50 shades of fat, the manga that will make you work your abdominal belt.

No Lone Rangers T04 at Pika – Released December 07, 2022

No Lone Rangers

Volume 7 of No Lone Rangers will be released on December 7, 2022 in bookstores.

Earth is under attack! Aliens have decided to attack earthlings! To face them, warriors called the Dragon Keepers have united. Five warriors in the colors of Power Rangers supported by their squadron and who represent the last line of defense of humanity. At least, that’s what the media keep repeating all day long. Because in reality, it’s been 12 years since the invaders were defeated and they only serve to animate weekly fictitious fights. Every Sunday, the troopers come down to Earth to play the masquerade. But among them, there is one who dreams of revenge. And he will not deprive himself. He will simply pretend to be human and integrate the recruits of the Dragon Keepers. His objectives: to avenge his own people and to reveal the masquerade that is the Dragon Keepers.

why we love No Lone Rangers? Do you like parodies? Did you like or do you like the franchise Power Rangers ? So you should love No Lone Rangers from home Pika Edition. In this title, signed Negi Haruba, the author of The Quintessential Quintuplets, you will find yourself immersed in a hilarious parody where everything is exaggeratedly planned in advance. Every Sunday, the colorful vigilantes have a date with victory. However, the author does not hesitate to reveal their true functioning. Sometimes heroes, sometimes liars, our Dragon Keepers have many things to reproach themselves for. But when an enemy trooper decides to change things from within, events take an interesting turn. Obviously, before succeeding in actually integrating the garrison, our little trooper will have to wait to behave like a human, which gives rise to some rather comical situations. No Lone Rangers, the manga that reminds us that superheroes are not necessarily what they claim to be.

Your face in the moonlight T02 at Pika – Released December 07, 2022

Your face in the moonlight

Volume 2 of Your face in the moonlight will be released on December 7th in bookstores.

It was at least last October that the first volume of the manga Your face in the moonlight came to us. And if you haven’t heard of it, no wonder the series is rather discreet. However, it is clearly worth the detour. The story is that of two princes. On the one hand, you have Yoi, a young teenager with features and a physique fine enough to be mistaken for a boy. On the other, you have Ichimura, an older high school student, also considered the prince. Faced with his popularity, Yoi does not react much. It is after his unexpected meeting with Ichimura that things will change. The frankness of the young man will shake up the teenager who will begin to see herself differently.

why we love Your face in the moonlight? Ok, romance stories aren’t necessarily for everyone. But for some time, the authors do not stop innovating and offer stories much less ass-ass than what we could be accustomed to. In Your face in the moonlight, it is not the romance itself that is addressed, but rather how a relationship can allow us to take a step back from ourselves. For the moment, we have typical adolescent questions like ” what is love ? ” or ” what is a so-called normal relationship?“. Questions we have all asked ourselves at some point. But here, they are approached with subtlety and delicacy. Through the interventions of those around them, Yoi and Ichimura learn more about their own expectations and this is ultimately what is most touching. Your face in the moonlight is a manga full of delicacy about relationships and self-image.

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