Top: Gun Maverick, over 800 hours of footage removed from the final cut

Eddie Hamilton, editor of Top: Gun Maverick, has revealed that he left over 800 hours of footage in the editing room.

Top: Gun Maverick was one of the highest grossing films of 2022, proving how fans still had an interest in seeing Tom Cruise as swashbuckling Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. Apparently, however, there have been over 800 hours of footage removed from the final cut.

To talk about it was the editor Eddie Hamilton to the microphones of Deadline: “We had 800 to 814 hours of footage left in the editing room. It was honestly very overwhelming at times. There was one day in March of 2019 where there were 27 cameras running because there were four jets flying with several cameras on board and two units filming on the ground, which resulted in 27 cameras. I remember getting so much footage the next morning and thinking it would be very difficult. Also, the days were very long when we were shooting the aerial sequences, it was really intense. And the thing is, when you have a lot of shots like that and a movie like Top Gun: Maverick, it has to be amazing from start to finish, because everyone wants it to be amazing.”.

Top Gun: Maverick is the first collection of 2022, beaten Avatar: The street of the water

Given the success of the film, fans are hoping for a third installment and, apparently, they could be satisfied. To anticipate the possibility of a further sequel, the director Joseph Kosinski thought about it in a recent interview with the microphones of Deadline: “Is there another story on the horizon that is so interesting that we want to go back? I really think that at the end of the film Maverick proves that he still has a lot to say and a lot of breath in his body. He doesn’t want to stop”.

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