Top Gun: Maverick: Jennifer Connelly on the sex scene with Tom Cruise

Jennifer Connelly spoke for the first time ever about her sex scene with Tom Cruise, featured on Top Gun: Maverick, during an interview published by Variety.

In the role of a single mom, Jennifer Connelly opens up new horizons a Top Gun: Maverick and, during a recent interview published by Variety, the star opened up about the sex scene who had to turn with Tom Cruise: one of the rare hot sequences in which the actor has appeared in recent years.

Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise in action in a breathtaking scene

We focused on the intimacy of how the two characters fit into each other’s lives“Connelly began.”I think they have a very tender relationship and I think the way she understands it is very special to both of them. ”

They share a moment in bed, a very beautiful moment that tells us a lot about their relationship, as well as the scene that is the preamble to it. There is clearly something unsolved between them and she approaches it with humor and playfulness. I feel like she is a positive person who is moving towards happiness“, continued the actress.

I had never met Tom Cruise. It is so great. By spending time with him, you understand how he managed to become such a movie star. It was clear to me what the franchise meant to him, so I was very reverential to him and to producer Jerry Bruckheimer.“concluded Jennifer Connelly.

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