Top chef: A former winner at worst because of his notoriety, he confides

Top Chef 2022

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Credits: 20 Minutes / Instagram @ camille.delcroixoff

A former Top Chef winner has revealed he has struggled to manage his notoriety since winning the show.

Many of you are impatient at the idea of ​​discovering Top Chef 2022. For the moment, M6 has not officially communicated a date, but the airing should be done in the weeks to come, the filming having started last October. If we will find on screen the renowned chefs Hélène Darroze, Paul Pairet and Philippe Etchebest, stars of the program, it will however be necessary to forget Michel Sarran, ousted by M6. The latter will be replaced by Glenn Viel, the youngest three-star French chef in history.

This year again, many candidates wanted to participate in Top Chef 2022. If they are in reality very few to break through, the success after the show is however phenomenal. Precisely, a former winner today has trouble managing notoriety. Camille Lacroix, winner of the competition in 2018, during season 9 of Top chef, revealed to 20 Minutes : “The post-Top Chef was very fast and we are not necessarily prepared for that. That’s why I appreciated the confinements. The sudden notoriety is not easy to manage, especially for me who likes it. be quiet. “

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Camille Delcroix is ​​overwhelmed by the success since Top Chef

Camille Delcroix, who has just opened her restaurant Bacôve in Saint-Omer, added: “I’m a little lunar, I like to stay in my bubble. To walk with his wife and his daughter in a stroller and to be stopped in the street, it’s funny one year. After, you have to turn the page. I neither invented the Covid vaccine nor won the football world cup, I just won a cooking competition. Even though I know it’s part of the game. “ Several years after his victory at Top chef, Camille Delcroix is ​​therefore still surprised by his notoriety.

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