Top Chef 2022 soon back on M6, everything you need to know about season 13

To the delight of fans of Top chef, the show is soon back on M6 for a brand new season. And if we are to believe the revelations that were made during the press conference of the culinary program, this thirteenth edition promises to be rich in challenge, discovery and emotions! As every year, the jury is made up of four great chefs: Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze, Paul Pairet and Glenn Viel, who replaces Michel Sarran who was kindly thanked by the production of the show. This new arrival, which will not go unnoticed, will bring back the competition between these four great professionals who all have only one desire, to find the best of the candidates to win the show. At the melty editor, we had the chance to see part of the cast and we can sleep and already tell you that it is eclectic.

Whether it is Louise, Sébastien, Thibaut, Mickaël for whom “fat is life” and all the other candidates, they each have very strong culinary personalities. As Stéphane Rotenberg revealed, from the first premium of Top Chef 2022, some of them will be spotted by chefs both for their singularities, but also for their strengths and weaknesses. This year, 15 candidates including three women have tried the adventure! During this one, they had to take up many challenges launched by the greatest chefs from all over the world. Rasmus Munk, the most avant-garde chef of his generation, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, the chefs of the famous Spanish restaurant Disfrutar, Dominique Krenne, Mike Bagal, the inventor of floating food and many others have agreed to challenge candidates.

A unique second part of the evening

Among the challenges to be met: Cooking a fruit in an original way, creating a dish with a shocking visual that defends a cause, making a “living” dessert, working with chocolate in a savory dish … Top Chef 2022 had challenges that were as surprising as they were difficult. But as in previous seasons, we will also find the classic events such as the restaurant war, the black box, trompe-l’oeil etc. And for the first time this year, at the end of each new episode, M6 will broadcast in the second part of the evening: Le chef des chefs. A new competition presented by Stéphane Rotenberg and François-Régis Gaudry which aims to oppose former candidates of season 12 of Top chef to participants from other editions during different culinary events. But then who will succeed Mohamed Cheikh, the last big winner? To find out, we will have to wait because the broadcast date of the show has still not been revealed by M6. But in writing, we assume that the program should start in February …

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