Top 10 Business Idea in Hindi: Business giving more profit in less cost

Top 10 Business Idea In Hindi: Money is such a thing by which you can fulfill your every need. If money is not with you, then your close relatives along with your relatives also get away from you. That’s why every person comes after a time when he starts earning money or wants to earn a lot of money.

For that, today’s youth are doing many different types of business but it is not necessary that every person should be able to start business. They don’t have enough money for that. And even if somehow he manages to arrange money, then he has to face a lot of difficulties to keep it running in the same way.

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low cost business

If a person wants to start his own business, first of all he needs a good idea, after that planning and then comes the need for sufficient money to start the business. But it is not necessary that you need a lot of money to start your business. I am going to tell you that the cost is low but they give you good profit.

1. Online Marketing

Nowadays everyone wants that they can get everything online, in such a situation, you can sell many different types of items online, including artificial jewelry, clothes, groceries, and much more. Don’t have to stock anything. When the order comes to you, then you can order ahead and sell the same thing.

2. Event Management Firm

Through event management, you plan the home program of those people who do not have time to plan small and big events. And he goes to the event management firm or gets his event planned. This is also a type of business in which investment is very less and money is very good.

3. Women’s Gym & Yoga Center

Nowadays everyone wants to take care of their health, in which women are in the forefront, they go to a place like yoga center or gym to keep themselves always beautiful and beautiful. If seen, it is a very good idea for women because gym can be started even with less machines in it.

4. Coaching Institute

Due to the corona epidemic, the trend of online study has increased a lot. In this, you can run your online classes sitting at home, in which neither you will need space nor will you need any kind of investment. Whatever you know, you can learn the same thing by giving online classes to people, or you can earn a lot of money.

5. Insurance Agency

Nowadays everyone is getting their insurance done, in such a situation, many companies hire agents to get people insured to further their work. In such a situation, you can also become an insurance agent or start your own insurance agency. You do not have to make any kind of investment in this work. Rather, the more insurance you do, the more you get paid.

6. Beauty Parlor

If you have the work of beauty parlor, then you can start this business by renting any place in or near your house, it is also a very low cost business through which you can earn a lot of money very soon.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays there are many such stores that work online, in such a situation not everyone is able to reach those stores. In such a situation, he finds people who help him in his business. This work is called affiliate marketing. We do not have to spend even 1 rupee in this business. We have to share their goods online link with other people, if they buy goods through your sent link, then we get some percentage commission.

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8. Tiffin Center

There are many offices or PGs where people are unable to bring food. Because they do not have enough time to prepare food. In such a situation, you can start your earning by starting tiffin center at that place. If seen, this is a good business of low cost, in which you get a good amount of money.

9. Become a YouTuber

You can create your own channel on YouTube and upload videos on it. There is no charge for creating a channel on YouTube. If people like the video made by you and go after your good number of subscribers, then you can earn money sitting at home.

10. Mask making business

After the arrival of Corona, the need of every person has become a mask, today every person has different types of masks. If you make and sell good masks or fashionable masks, then angle will not buy. If you want, you can also earn money by making the best masks at home and selling them offline or online in the market with less investment.

Apart from these, there are other low cost businesses

Apart from these, there are many other businesses which you can start at low cost and earn a good amount of money. So let’s know about those business ideas.

  • If you are associated with the agriculture sector, then by adopting advanced methods of farming, you can earn many times more profit than before.
  • A common man started making bundles by collecting the waste from the paper mill, now his monthly supply is around 500 tonnes.
  • A person planted sandalwood trees on a large part of his field, although it took many years for these trees to grow. But today the cost of these trees is a huge amount.
  • Two boys from Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh left their jobs and started the business of making banana chips. And now their chips are being exported outside.
  • Some people started selling candles and agar sticks from home as a domestic industry, today they have maintained their work on a very large scale.

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