" Too ugly your daughter " : Leewane still criticized on social networks, Jessica Thivenin sees red and attacks the haters

There are criticisms that can pass. And others who remain in the throat make us come out of our hinges. Proof of this is with Jessica Thivenin. The companion of Thibault Garcia has already had to face, for several years, has many derogatory remarks about his physique. Most pointing to the fact that she had cosmetic surgery and that her face, or parts of her body, had changed dramatically. But these tackles there, the pretty blonde does not care now. On the other hand, what is not happening at all, and we can understand this, are the criticisms of his little daughter Leewane, who is only a few months old.
Indeed, as surprising as it may seem, despite her young age, Maylone’s sister has to face a wave of hatred from some Internet users. The latter making fun of his birthmark located at the level of the forehead. While posting a family snapshot on January 7, Jessica Thivenin discovered the many tackles for her wonder. She then made the decision to respond to her haters. “There is a question, I can’t hear it anymore! It pisses me off! Even more those who criticize and say ‘too ugly your daughter with her stain in the middle of the forehead'”, she lamented before giving explanations on this famous “brand” which is talked about so much on social networks: “This story of a stain, this little heart that she has between her two eyes, it’s an angioma, it’s a birthmark. She has had it since she was born. My son had one under his head. nose, I had a cross on my face when I was born, and here it is! It will go away, it just takes time “.
The young mother, subsequently announcing a big decision she had taken and which will undoubtedly do her the greatest good: “Those who criticize her, they piss me off! I block them. You don’t criticize a baby! If you look at all your faces baby, you have nothing to have today. Stop criticizing babies like that, It’s not good !”. Jessica Thivenin is obviously right, but unfortunately this does not mean that this gratuitous hatred will stop …

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