TOO HOT! Remember the EROTIC Thrillers of Cinema that Complete 30 Years in 2022

The 80’s can be considered a very wrong decade in the history of mankind, and without a doubt this was reflected in the cinema. However, the following decade would bring the creation of a subgenre, somewhat controversial, but which was very successful in the period. We are talking about erotic thrillers, suspense films with a strong sexual charge. Almost always within this genre three elements were indispensable: sex, nudity and violence. And when we talk about nudity, often explicitly, we are clearly talking about the female body, which became an object of desire and raised several actresses to the level of sexual symbols.

The 80s may even have highlighted some films with a slightly more provocative premise, such as Fatal Attraction🇧🇷 9 ½ Weeks of Love and Wild Orchid, but it was in the 90s that such works would become truly known, becoming a trend and giving birth to some of the most iconic cinema productions within this segment. Here, in this new article, we will address some emblematic films, others cult and even some obscure ones that were part of this movement of erotic thrillers and that will complete 30 years in 2022. Check it out below.

It is impossible to talk about erotic thrillers without mentioning Wild instinct🇧🇷 The film by Dutch director Paul Verhoeven marked not only the films of 30 years ago, or the 90s as the flagship of this subgenre, but it is also one of the most remembered films when we talk about works that use sex, violence and violence in their narrative. scenes beyond spicy. Seen as the heir to Fatal Attraction (1987), Basic Instinct went even further, pushing the limits of censorship with scenes that made the big screens melt with heat. In addition, it served to introduce the world to the beauty and talent of Sharon Stone, in the role that would define her career, that of sadomasochist writer Catharine Tramell, prime suspect in the investigation of grotesque murders. Covering the case the detective lived by Michael Douglas🇧🇷 Absolute success.

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From the complex mind of the cult filmmaker Roman Polanski, now makes the list for the most psychologically disturbing cruise in film history. Based on the book by Pascal Bruckner, as it should be, the controversy takes over gall moon, which portrayed 30 years ago the unhealthy relationship between Oscar (Peter Coyote) and Mimi (Emmanuelle Seigner), husband and wife dominated by uncontrollable passion, jealousy and sexual games, which end up leaving the guy trapped in a wheelchair. While traveling by sea, they meet the prudish English couple Nigel (Hugh Grant) and Fiona (Kristin Scott Thomas) and decide to tell their tragic story while seducing them.

30 years ago in cinema, blondes dominated erotic thrillers. After Sharon Stone kicked in the door, the nymphet was also on the scene. Drew Barrymoreten years after appearing as the little girl from ET, here at 17 years old. Produced by New Line Cinema, the film stars the actress as Ivy, a seductive young woman who befriends shy rich girl Sylvie (Sara Gilbert). By getting closer not only to her friend, but also to her broken home, with her sick mother, Ivy slowly begins to plant her roots and get involved with the patriarch Darryl (Tom Skerritt).

Another New Line Cinema production, the film is based on the novel by Josephine Hart and directed by Louis Malle. Who stars is the muse of French cinema Juliette Binoche in the role of Anna. She is engaged to Martyn (Rupert Graves), but things get complicated when she is introduced to her future father-in-law, British MP Stephen, played by the great Jeremy Irons🇧🇷 The married guy falls in love with the young woman and the two begin a torrid forbidden and very unethical love affair.

Also known as the “clone” of Basic Instinct by moviegoers, the feature film starring Madonna debuted only in a single country in 1992 (South Korea), reaching a large circuit around the world, including the USA, in early 1993. That is, almost a year after Basic Instinct, which gave a lot of room for certain similarities. Here we also have an extremely sensual woman, the role of material girl, accused of having killed her partner in the sexual act. Your murder weapon? Her body, she’s just too hot! But while all the laurels went to Sharon Stone and her film, Madonna would get the opposite side of the praise. Oh yes, Willem Dafoe and Julianne Moore are also in the cast.

As said, 30 years ago it was the turn of blondes to command erotic thrillers, and here we have one more. When did you release this Final Analysis (in the original title), the former model Kim Basinger he had already set the screens on fire in 9 ½ Weeks of Love and became a star with Tim Burton’s Batman. Here, the very blonde lives Heather, a woman made a sexual object by her abusive husband Jimmy (Eric Roberts). Eventually, she ends up becoming involved with the therapist, the role of Richard Gerewho is treating his younger sister (Uma Thurman🇧🇷 When the abusive husband turns up dead, everyone is a suspect. Phil Joanou is directing, the same as the teen classic Te Pego Lá Fora (1987).

Directed by the prestigious Alan J. Pakula (All the President’s Men), what happens when the pretense of swing between couples goes terribly wrong? That’s the answer the filmmaker intended to give 30 years ago. Kevin Kline and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio they are husband and wife newcomers to an upper-class American neighborhood. They are welcomed (too much) by the affectionate neighbors, role of the “damn” Kevin Spacey and Rebecca Miller🇧🇷 The two couples become very close and at dinner, they joke about the possibility of changing wives. But what started out as a pawn will escalate to criminal proportions.

With a title in Portuguese that is more than provocative for Whispers in the Dark (something like “whispers in the dark”), who stars in this thriller is Annabella Sciorra, from Fever from the Jungle (1991), by Spike Lee, and which in the same year also released the successful thriller A Mão que Balança o Berço. In the film, she plays a psychologist who ends up falling in love and living a torrid love affair with the husband of one of her patients, the problematic Eve, played by Deborah Kara Unger. The film written and directed by Christopher Crowe, screenwriter of The Last of the Mohicans, released in the same year, also features Alan Alda in the cast.

Although they are not well-known names among the younger generations, the trio of protagonists in this erotic thriller were very successful in the 80s and 90s. James Belushi (K-9: A Good Cop for Dogs) plays a detective investigating multiple murder cases, all signed with lipstick marks (as the title says). Tony Goldwyn (Ghost – On the Other Side of Life) is his partner in investigations. The crimes point to a fatal blonde (and who else?), the protagonist’s lover – played by Lorraine Braccofresh from the success of Os Bons Companheiros.

Finishing the list with the erotic thrillers of 30 years ago in the cinema, we have another plot involving a woman in the crosshairs of a sexual maniac. This was the formula that had become a trend at the time. In the role of the victim, Sean Young, from the hits Blade Runner and Wall Street, and fresh off another thriller, A Kiss Before I Die (1991). But she is not just any victim, but a prosecutor investigating the case of a sexual predator who pretends to be a famous photographer to abuse women. The villain is played by Patrick Berginwho the previous year had risen to fame for playing another hateful fellow, Julia Roberts’ battering husband in Sleeping with the Enemy (1991).

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