Too bloody: cameraman collapses while shooting horror for new film “Skill House”.

Oops! During the shooting of the horror satire “Skill House”, a cameraman lost consciousness in a particularly bloody scene. That was probably too much of the evil.

– Caution: The following is a picture that is “only” posed, but can definitely make you nauseous! –

Horror movies have an interesting effect on audiences. Some can’t get enough of the horror on the screen, others really don’t want to, but can’t take their eyes off either. And some of them get nauseous or, in the worst case, faint. This is said to have happened with The Exorcist, French cannibalism horror Raw, and body horror Bite, which you can stream on Amazon if you dare. No wonder, good genre entries manage to pull the audience into their world and make them believe what they see.

On the other hand, what you don’t experience every day is the same effect behind the camera: in the middle of filming for the upcoming one Horror satire “Skill House” one cameraman is said to have become so dizzy at the sight of all the fake blood and the obviously extremely brutal scene that was being shot at the moment that he fainted. The camera he was using is also said to have been damaged. A very real moment of shock that neither the crew nor the cast could have anticipated, as director Josh Stolberg (“Saw 9: Spiral”) tweeted:

“Yikes!!! We were shooting a killing scene last night and the cameraman got so dizzy he passed out and the camera crashed to the ground. Had to pause for half an hour. He’s fine now, but… be prepared for some really crazy crap!”

Yikes is the keyword for the horror works in video, which are among the scariest films according to science.

“Skill House”: Horror satire on the TikTok generation

Admittedly, there can hardly be a better advertisement for a horror film than such a report from the shooting. At least you should be able to assume that Stolberg has gathered a team around him that has enough experience with scenes like this and should therefore actually be tough.

If you look at the picture shared on Twitter, you can get a good idea of ​​what the poor soul had to endure from a cameraman. Well-made artificial blood can hardly be distinguished visually from real blood. The scraps of skin suggest that the “killing scene” in question must have been massive. Was someone skinned alive? Has anyone even cut their skin off themselves?

It would be possible, because in “Skill House” social networks and apps like TikTok, including all the influencers, are thematized and satirized. The question is what the aspiring young people are willing to sacrifice to gain more followers and fame. To be as authentic as possible, the team hired real influencers like Bryce Hall and Hannah Stocking, who are making their debuts alongside established stars like Neal McDonough and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Also in attendance are Leah Pipes, Caitlin Carmichael, John DeLuca and Paige VanZant.

It is not yet known when horror fans will be able to (hopefully) enjoy “Skill House”.

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