Tony Montana Quotes: The Crudest Lines From Scarface

Tony Montana wrote film history with some crude quotes. We show you the most iconic sayings from the classic “Scarface”.

The story about the Cuban dishwasher who rises to become a ruthless drug lord is based on the life of the famous criminal Al Capone. In 1932 Tony Montana was played by Paul Muni, who is up to mischief in the original version by director Howard Hawks. But Brian de Palma’s 1983 interpretation is considered a true cult film among film buffs – as is the portrayal of Al Pacino, who delivers one of his most legendary performances here. The drastic thriller, for which Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay, has become a fixture in pop culture and was indicated in Germany until 2011 because of its controversial depictions of violence. We’ve compiled Tony Montana’s best quotes to commemorate the film’s villain.

Most movie fans will know Tony Montana’s quotes inside and out. In the sci-fi genre, the “Star Wars” franchise is considered an absolute cult series that comes up with a few iconic quotes. In the video you can test whether you can keep up with actor Alden Ehrenreich.

The grittiest quotes from Tony Montana

  • “Come here! You mean your damn bullets can hurt me? Who do you think you are dealing with anyway? I’m Tony Montana! Come here, I’ll swallow them all. I’m Tony Montana!”
  • “In this country you have to make money first! Then when you have the money, you get the power. And when you have the power, you get the women!”
  • “I always tell the truth. Even if I lie!”
  • “But you didn’t want to listen, so, you stupid fart, now look at you!”
  • “All I have in this world are my balls and my word, and I’m not breaking that for anyone, alright?”
  • “You should have kept your mouth shut. Then they would have mistaken you for a horse and let you out!”
  • “Meal! Drink! Fuck! Lick! Is that all?”
  • “This is paradise… this is paradise, I tell you. This town is a beautiful big soft pussy just waiting to be fucked.”
  • “I’m Tony Montana! You’re dealing with me and I’m the best!”
  • “Do you know what capitalism is? Get shit on!”
  • “Lesson number one: you should never underestimate how greedy your partner is.”
  • “It’s the last time you see a bad guy like this, I’m telling you. Come on! Make way for the villain!”
  • “Then maybe get yourself one of those first-class tickets to your resurrection.”
  • “Say hello to my little friend!”
  • “Try sticking your head up your ass. Then you can see if it fits in there.”

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