Tony Chapron, secret talisman of Gignac during an OM-PSG

Four years after deserting the Ligue 1 pitches, Tony Chapron is keeping a watchful eye on the French championship. He can also be lighter in his comments as when he returns to the facts of a former OM-PSG where he helped André-Pierre Gignac to score.

He was called the Red Riding Hood for his ability to quickly draw cards in the matches he refereed. Tony Chapron was a special character in the refereeing world. He was not necessarily always appreciated by the players, in particular because of the scandals that marked his career. The last, a tackle on Nantes’ Diego Carlos, having precipitated his end of career. However, having become a consultant on Canal+ after putting away his whistle, he was able to show a more human face to make himself better known and appreciated by viewers.

Chapron calms Gignac, this one scores twice

This may already be the case for some OM supporters. Not always very tender with their club during his career, he had been able to appear as being anti-Marseille among the most paranoid of them. But, he also knew to help » the Marseille club in its own way, as was the case during the OM-PSG clasico in October 2012. That evening, the two rivals parted ways 2-2 after two goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and ‘Andre Pierre Gignac. The Marseille striker perhaps owes his success to the wise advice of M. Chapron that evening on the pitch.

After three minutes, he is overexcited. I think he made the first three mistakes of the game. I tell myself that he will freak out and blow up the game. At one point there is a corner for Paris and it is next to me. I said to him: “André-Pierre, you have to calm down. You are good when you are calm. And I think if you calm down, you will score a goal. “Sometimes when you’re a referee, you say nonsense. And three minutes later, he scores! Comes the 30th minute, I see that he falls back into his ways. There is a free kick for Paris, it is in the wall. And I said to him: “André-Pierre, you are in the process of increasing the pressure. You need to calm down. I told you earlier, when you are focused on the game, you are effective. You scored a goal, I’m sure you’ll notice one. Five minutes later, he scored a second goal! I was hallucinating “, he confided in an interview with the team. This is how the referee had a positive influence on the course of the game that evening and was more than an extra on the field.

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