Toni Garrn: Your father made three faux pas when walking down the aisle

Toni Garrn gives insight into her dream wedding on the Greek island of Paros on social media. Toni’s father played a key role in the ceremony on a rocky coast – and offered the funniest little blunders.

Toni Garrn’s Instagram account is currently overflowing with wedding photos. The 29-year-old model tied the knot for the second time with her husband Alex Pettyfer, 32, in a free ceremony in Paros. But in the latest photos, a man clearly steals the show from the groom: Toni Garrn’s dad. Fans only have eyes for the father of the bride for two reasons.

Toni Garrn shares rare footage with her father

On the one hand, it is the fact that Toni Garrn rarely shares private pictures of her parents. Not much is known about Toni’s father Peter Garrn. Fans are all the more pleased that the “Victoria’s Secret” model is now revealing the special moment when her dad led her to the altar. Because the scenes offer some wonderful faux pas that make the father-daughter team doubly likeable.

As the 29-year-old explains, the ascent to the rocky coast was an enormous challenge. Especially for the gorgeous bride who didn’t want to ruin her handcrafted designer dress and flawless makeup. After overcoming several hills, Peter received his daughter. “My dad had to walk 10% of what we did and he was so sweaty to pick me up,” Garrn laughed at her fans on her Instagram story. The next small blunders were not long in coming.

Toni Garrn’s dad stumbles when walking to the altar

As Toni and her father walk down the aisle, one thing immediately catches your eye. Here the wrong person is carrying the bridal bouquet. Instead of the model, her father held the bouquet of flowers in his hands. Video recordings show how Toni visibly smiled before she took the bouquet from her dad. “I think I’m supposed to hold that?” Garrn writes about the charming shots.

Toni Garrn was brought to the altar by her father Peter Garrn

Toni Garrn was brought to the altar by her father Peter Garrn


Only Peter Garrn knows whether it was his beaming daughter or the uneven path on the rocky coast – but suddenly the entrepreneur stumbled. The candles lined up along the aisle seem to throw him off balance. But that’s not so wild: Toni Garrn’s smile only gets wider and her husband Alex Pettyfer only has eyes for his bride anyway.

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