Toni Capuozzo and Domenico De Masi guests of Accordi & Disaccordi on May 13th at 10.45pm on Nove. With Marco Travaglio

Season finale on the Nove for the late evening appointment of the talk ‘Accordi & Disaccordi’. With an average share stably above 3% of the total audience, the topical talk conducted by Andrea Scanzi and Luca Sommi Friday 13 May at 10.45 pm it hosts the historic war correspondent and TV presenter Toni Capuozzo and the sociologist Domenico De Masi. In the studio we will talk about the visit of the Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Washington by Joe Biden to reaffirm the collaboration between Italy and the United States in the common front against Vladimir Putin. In addition, there will be discussions on Finland’s willingness to join NATO, an entry that would greatly upset the balance between the West and Moscow.

‘Agreements & Disagreements’ is produced by Loft Productions for Discovery Italia and will be available in live streaming and subsequently on demand on the new streaming service discovery + as well as on the website, app and smart TV of TvLoft. Nove is visible on digital terrestrial channel 9, on Sky Canale 149 and Tivùsat Canale 9.

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