Tomorrow is ours: Here’s the secret behind Rebecca’s mysterious savior (SPOILERS)

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At this moment in Tomorrow belongs to us, Xavier is between life and death … After believing in a suicide attempt, the police are now clear: Someone pushed the public prosecutor through the window. While the days of Chloé Delcourt’s companion are currently in danger, the number 1 suspect in this case seems to be Sébastien, Raphaëlle’s father. Indeed, he and Rebecca are hiding a secret related to Daniel, Xavier’s father, and seem desperate to keep the truth from coming to light.

But in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, another person is going to be in turmoil. Sophie Novak, the lawyer who saved Rebecca from an assault, will indeed be suspected by the police. We will then discover that in reality, she had been tracking Raphaëlle’s mother for days, which is why she was also at the top of the lighthouse at the time of her attack … But that’s not all! We will then discover that Sophie Novak had a love affair with Daniel Meffre, Xavier’s father, at the time.

Then, Is the false savior of Rebecca linked to the death of Daniel Meffre, 30 years ago? Is she the one who pushed him into the void at the time? Even worse, did Sophie Novak also try to kill Xavier? For the moment, the mystery still looms, but the denouement should surprise viewers. At the same time, find out if after leaving Here Everything Begins, Clément Rémiens (Maxime Delcourt) will return in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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