Tomorrow belongs to us: Here’s who Georges will be dating and it’s very surprising (SPOILERS)

This week in Tomorrow belongs to us, the intrigue around Raphaëlle’s parents continues to be in full swing … It seems that Rebecca and Sébastien are hiding a heavy secret from their daughter, but the outcome of this story will only be revealed in a few weeks. on the screen. In parallel, several other arches continue in the series of TF1, like the new romance between Victoire and Benjamin, which seems to affect Samuel, but not only. For the time being, Georges said nothing, but we imagine that he is still struggling to turn the page on his love affair with Victoire, which has just ended.

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Vanessa in Tomorrow belongs to us – Credit (s): tf1

Rest assured, very soon in Tomorrow belongs to us, the policeman will bounce back … Since Georges will indeed find love in the intrigues to come! It is at the very beginning of next month that Mona’s son is expected to make a new conquest, as the short recap of the December 1 episode reports: “The new relationship with Georges does not please Victoire at all”. But then, who will be the lucky one? You will be very surprised … Since it is Vanessa, the Spoon’s cook!

Just take a look at the recaps of the episodes of December 9 and 10 to read: “Vanessa extends her hold on Georges” and “Addicted to Vanessa, Georges remains deaf to the concerns of his relatives”. For the moment, nothing says if this love affair will be serious between the two protagonists of the series of TF1, but this idyll promises to be very surprising in any case! While waiting to see more, know that there will surely be a new death in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.

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