Tomorrow belongs to us: Chloe is going to live a real hell!

Chloe’s life will soon be turned into “Tomorrow belongs to us”. She will have to be extra vigilant and beware of … Andrea. It seems that the latter has an idea behind his head. (CAUTION Spoilers)

Tomorrow belongs to us : short-lived happiness

Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) has everything to be happy at the moment in Tomorrow belongs to us. Indeed, the mother of a family has just fall back into the arms of her ex-husband, Alex (Alexandre Brasseur). Like two teenagers, they take pleasure in meeting and spending time together. There is even talk of Alex coming back to live in the family home.

Sadly, this happiness will be short-lived… The televiewers will indeed discover from next week a whole new intrigue around the Delcourt family. One thing is certain, theChloe’s life will change and turn into a nightmare… Who is responsible for all this? Andréa (Aurélien Foubert). For the moment, he takes care of little Celeste and performs perfectly all the tasks for which he is responsible, but very quickly, he will become ubiquitous.

Andrea – Tomorrow belongs to us @TF1 Production

What is Andréa hiding?

For some time now, Andréa has been very present at Chloé. He is there to take care of little Céleste and also take care of the tidying up. Always very friendly, he asks to do more and invests in the kitchen and cleaning. However, he is particularly intrusive. The young man surprised Chloe and Alex in bed.

In the episodes to come it will no longer be a question of chance or clumsiness, and his behavior will become more and more strange. In a spoiler excerpt broadcast on My TF1 Andrea is going to burst into Chloe’s room again, while she is undressing. The situation becomes very problematic. Andréa always has a good excuse, but there are limits that should not be exceeded.

Worrisome behavior

The mother is unsettled by his behavior, she explains to him:

There are limits not to be exceeded anyway. This is not the first time that I tell you. There, it becomes really problematic!

In the official synopsis presented by TF1, it is written that the young man will start to “act weird” and Andrea’s behavior will become “more and more worrying”. And as if that were not enough Chloe will have to face “a violent reaction from Andrea”, which risks making her completely crack. She will therefore have to deal with this man with very particular behavior. It would even seem that the latter will have to deal with the police in February!

So to follow … The episodes of the daily series Tomorrow belongs to us are broadcast every evening on TF1 at 7:10 p.m.

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