Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Aurore and Zoé, Flore, Andréa… What will happen next week? (SPOILERS)

Tomorrow belongs to us

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Posted by Betty Ramez on .

It’s time to find out what the new episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us airing next week on TF1 have in store for you!

The twists and turns follow one another in Tomorrow Belongs to Us! While Zoé and Jonathan fled after the hostage taking, Aurore will continue to put themselves in an unfortunate position to protect them. And the least we can say is that she will be ready for anything even if it means putting her career and her family in danger. Even William’s warnings will have no effect. And unfortunately, things will take a dramatic turn when Jonathan learns that his grandfather would be responsible for his father’s death. Sanguine, the young man will decide to use a weapon to threaten him.

During this time, Raphaëlle will be a great help in keeping Mona away from Victor and this could well bring them closer since they will then go for a drink. The beginning of a whole new love story? For his part, Timothée will be determined to seduce Anna and he will even put on his 31 to please her.. Not suspecting the identity of his crush, his father will encourage him to try his luck. At the same time, Flore will be more and more depressed and will decide to settle on Bart and Louise for the time to turn around and climb the slope. However, her distress will greatly worry Anna, with whom Flore will be reconciled this week.

It’s Tristan’s big comeback

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But that’s not all since Tristan will be making his comeback in Sète and things don’t look easy for him. Indeed, now that he left the Spoon to Bart, he will have to find another job and he will have difficulty finding something that really suits him. On the other hand, Lizzie, Jordan and Jack will join forces with Alma to find out who is behind the mysterious Simon. Finally, Andréa, Celeste’s babysitter will be more and more intrusive. Something to make Chloe and Alex very uncomfortable. But then what is the young man hiding? Answer next week in Tomorrow Belongs to Us on TF1.

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