Tomorrow belongs to us: An iconic character on the verge of suicide? His interpreter sows doubt

Tomorrow is ours

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Credits: Téléstar

As the episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us continue to garner thousands of viewers, one iconic character will soon sink and consider suicide.

A character at the bottom? For the past few weeks, the authors of Demain Nous Belongs have been playing on the nerves of viewers. After a heartbreaking hostage-taking which ended in the death of Ulysses or the kidnapping of Judith and Roxanne, our favorite heroes are often mistreated lately. And it is not likely to stop there because another iconic character will sink in the episodes to come. Thus, Flore will have a hard time recovering from her break-up with Alex. Still in love with Chloe, the father of the family decided to give their love story another chance.

Flore at worst after her breakup with Alex – Credit (s): tf1

And the least we can say is that Bart’s mother will experience very complicated moments as her interpreter recently confided to our colleagues at Téléstar: “She finds herself like a child and she loses her footing. It is so brutal what happens, she has a feeling of abandonment because Alex quickly leaves to live with her family. Flore feels a real despair (…) she tries to find a little tenderness and see that she was not completely wrong in what she lived with this man, that he is still there somewhere. ” But then, does that mean that Flora is going to commit an irreparable gesture?

Flora at worst to the point of considering suicide?

Here again, Anne Caillon warns us that things could turn out badly: “She will go badly and descend quite deep, I can tell you. Flore will seek help from everything that has existed that is sensitive to her: her son Bart (Hector Langevin) although he leads his life, Anna … even Chloe. She feels immense loneliness. She is totally helpless and lost. “ And when asked if her character will consider suicide, she responds bluntly:Yes, you can expect it to dive very, very low. “ Suffice to say that the fans of the first hour are not at the end of their surprises.

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