Tomorrow belongs to us: A new hostage-taking will take place (SPOILERS)

Tomorrow is ours

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A new hostage situation will put characters from Tomorrow belongs to us in danger!

This week is still very rich in twists and turns in Tomorrow belongs to us! Aurore has just found her sister Zoe, better known under the name of AL, and she will soon make a real carnage in Sète … Proof being, the young woman will decide to tackle the biggest museum directly. of the city in order to steal new works of art. But this time, civilians will also be in danger: A new hostage-taking will take place in the next episodes of the series TF1 !

Very soon in Tomorrow belongs to us, the police will try to corner Zoe in the museum by locking all exits and jamming the airwaves. The problem is that Aurore’s sister, inside, will be armed and surrounded by civilians such as Angie and Jahia, the daughters of Irene and Cédric. The two teenagers will be paralyzed by this event. Fortunately, unlike the last hostage-taking in Sète (at the Spoon), which cost Ulysses his life, this time, no death will be to be deplored!

Jahia and Angie taken hostage in Tomorrow belongs to us

Aurore will even take risks to save her sister Zoe and prevent her from being arrested by the police, by betraying her colleagues. Thanks to a stratagem, the thief will get out without any real worries … Well, almost. In the next episodes of Tomorrow is ours, Roxane and his colleagues will be on the verge of identifying who is really behind AL’s face. Zoe and Aurore could therefore soon fall for complicity! Meeting on TF1 to see the rest.

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