Tomaso Trussardi: Tomaso Trussardi takes on Michelle’s flirt Giovanni to his chest

Tomaso Trussardi
Surprising interview about Michelle Hunziker and her summer flirtation

Tomaso Trussardi and Michelle Hunziker

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So much has been said and written about Michelle Hunziker and her ex, now Tomaso Trussardi wants to explain himself in an interview and comment on his feelings for Michelle and her summer flirtation with Giovanni Angiolini.

There has long been speculation about a love comeback by Michelle Hunziker, 45, and Tomaso Trussardi, 39. Photos showed them familiar with each other, Tomaso also posted a cuddly photo with Michelle that left little room for doubt. Michelle herself did not rule out a love comeback to “Bunte”, overplaying hints from Thomas Gottschalk, 72, on “Wetten, dass ..?” last Saturday, November 19, 2022, but skillfully. But are the two really a couple again after the breakup earlier this year?

Tomaso Trussardi clears up rumours

While Michelle is trying to hold back details, Tomaso Trussardi of all people is speaking now Interview with the Italian newspaper “Corriere” Klartext. In his opinion, the reporting of the last few weeks and months does not suit him, but “a well-known person or a personality from show business”, which he is not.

And yet Tomaso now wants to clear up a few points regarding his feelings for Michelle and the headlines lately. “There hasn’t been and isn’t a new woman beside me. I’ve been accused of all sorts of flirting, but the truth is I feel temporarily unsuitable for any type of relationship with any woman other than Michelle. You can’t pretend like that again after such an important story as if nothing had happened,” he explains.

Michelle Hunziker speaks openly about her family planning

Love comeback with Michelle Hunziker?

The 39-year-old leaves open whether Tomaso and Michelle are really together again. All he says is, “Michelle and I are very close as parents and we’re trying to create a calm environment for our daughters.” He also takes the wind out of the sails of speculation that Tomaso would impose rules on Michelle so that they can get back together. He could only laugh at this nonsense, such control was out of the question for him.

But as much as Tomaso tries to refute the rumors of the past few months, he cannot deny one thing: the anger at Michelle’s summer flirtation with the Italian doctor Giovanni Angiolini, 41. Tomaso has a very clear opinion on him: “A man who interfering in a troubled relationship with a married woman and mother of two little girls cannot be a decent human being to me.”

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