Tom Sizemore dies aged 61

He was in a coma for several weeks and died shortly after being unplugged, his manager Charles Lago said. A few days earlier, doctors had concluded that nothing more could be done for him.

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Tom Sizemore, whose film and television career spans decades, is best known for his roles as a war-hardened sergeant alongside Tom Hanks in 1998’s Saving Private Ryan, and for commander of a Ranger battalion in “Black Hawk Down” in 2001.

He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 2000 for his role in “Witnesses Under Control”.

He has also acted in other films such as ‘Natural Born Killers’, ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘Heat’.

During a turbulent life, Tom Sizemore struggled with addiction and was imprisoned several times, including after assaulting his girlfriend.

A 2007 documentary series followed him trying to get his life and career back on track.

Although he never again managed to match the success of his 1990s roles, he was recently guest starred in the Netflix series Cobra Kai and a recurring role in the revival of Twin Peaks, the television series by David Lynch.

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