Tom Holland and Zendaya to make their first public appearance as a couple

In June of this year Tom Holland and zendayaThey surprised their fans by starting to have a relationship. Although it is still unknown when, exactly, their relationship began, it was in that month that the photos of them kissing in a car were leaked for the first time. And now, with the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home just around the corner, all the followers of the actors can already prepare to see them together as a couple.

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Tom Holland and zendaya they met on the set of Spider-Man in 2016 when they started filming Homecoming, which premiered in 2017. And, from then on, the chemistry they transmitted on screen was unmatched, so all their fans always wanted their bond to go beyond the recording sets. Therefore, now that they are very much in love, everyone wants them to make their first official presentation as a couple.

Although the interpreters have already confirmed their courtship to the point that there is no doubt that they are very much in love, the truth is that they have not yet officially appeared before the cameras. But, next December 13 that could change completely. This is because, on that date, the avant premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home and both must attend since they are the protagonists of the film.

At the moment it is unknown if they will arrive together on the red carpet or they will meet there, but the reality is that the photos that are taken will no longer be in friends mode and there is no one who doubts it. Of course, it should be noted that together or separately, both Holland and zendaya They always kept a low profile and their private life very private, so this occasion will be no different.

The premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home It will begin at 6pm and end at 11pm, so it is in that time range that the actors can appear together. Although, in addition to seeing them together for the first time in an official presentation, fans are very eager to know what will be the fate of their characters, Peter Parker and MJ, in the film. The latest trailer released by Sony left everyone shocked by her possible death.

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