Tom Hanks Destroys The Da Vinci Code Trilogy

The Da Vinci Code film trilogy is very popular, as are the suspense and mystery books by author Dan Brown on which they are based.

The three feature films were huge box office successes, with a total of nearly $1.5 billion grossed by the franchise. In the reviews, the evaluations were mixed between critics and fans, and one of the famous who doesn’t like the saga is the actor Tom Hanks, who starred in the project.

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In a recent interview with The New York TimesHanks spoke about Robert Langdon’s films, stating that he thinks the trilogy is pointless, just made to raise money.

“Oh God, that was a commercial venture. Yes, these Robert Langdon sequels are pointless. The Da Vinci Code was meaningless. […] All we were doing was promising fun. There’s nothing wrong with a good [filme] commercial, as long as it is a good [filme] commercial. When we made the third one, we proved it wasn’t a [filme] such a good trade.”

The Da Vinci Code series

In The Da Vinci Code, we saw symbologist and professor Robert Langdon get involved in a murder investigation and uncover secrets that could compromise even Christianity.

In the new series based on the franchise, The Lost Symbol of Dan Brown (The Lost Symbol), Tom Hanks does not return, but his character, Robert Langdon, returns to the scene being played by Ashley Zukerman.

Synopsis: Robert Langdon, a famous Harvard symbologist, must solve a series of deadly riddles to save his mentor and prevent a global conspiracy.

Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol is available on Globoplay.

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