Tolo Tolo arrives on TV, the film by Checco Zalone tonight on Canale 5 in first vision: the plot

Tonight on Canale 5 at 9.20pm, Tolo Tolo, the film co-written, directed and starring Luca Medici, aka Checco Zalone, is broadcast in the first free-to-air version: here is the plot.

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Checco Zalone absolute protagonist tonight on Canale 5, from 21:20, with Tolo Tolo, which arrives on the Mediaset flagship as a first clear view.
Directed and starring Luca Medici himself, the film is co-written with Paolo Virzì and produced by Pietro Valsecchi.

What is Tolo Tolo about? As the plot, Pierfrancesco Zalone, for all Checco, unemployed, decides to introduce the culture of sushi in Spinazzola, in Puglia, but his project fails miserably leaving only debts. Checco thus decides to leave Italy and flee abroad, to Africa, leaving everything behind. He starts working as a waiter in a local resort and makes friends with a colleague named Oumar, a lover of Italian cinema and with the dream of being able to one day make the reverse journey compared to Zalone, from Africa to Italy.
On the other hand, Checco himself is not happy, and when due to a civil war he is forced to flee, he plans to return to Europe again. But the journey is anything but simple, the means of transport are precarious, the desert relentless, and the guerrillas are rampant on the territory.

Tolo Tolo: a scene from the film with Checco Zalone and Souleymane Silla

In reality Checco would not want to return to Italy, because there are debts waiting for him, he thinks of moving to Liechtenstein but in the end he gets carried away by the current following Idjaba, an African woman he has fallen in love with: amidst his typically Western impatience for the discomforts he is experiencing, the irritating difficulties due to the absence of pharmacies and comforts, Checco finds himself face to face with the difficult African reality.

Upon his arrival at the cinema on January 1, 2020, Tolo Tolo turned into another extraordinary success for Checco Zalone: ​​his over 46 million euros earned at the box office screened him directly in the top 5 of the films with the highest collection of all time in Italy, as well as the third Italian film to enter this special ranking, preceded by two other successes by Luca Medici himself, Where do I go? e Catinelle sun.

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