Toilet paper, a suicide prevention tool in Japan

As in many countries, the Covid-19 pandemic has left psychological traces on youth. The suicide rate, which had fallen, has started to rise again, with an average of 60 daily suicides in 2020that is six times more deaths than by the Covid. Moreover, to stop it, Japan appointed in 2021 a minister of loneliness: Tetsushi Sakamoto.

Prevention messages

Recently, another means of suicide prevention has been implemented in universities in Yamanashi, west of Tokyo. The latter use toilet paper to convey messages. We can read comments written by a mental health specialist: “Dear you, who are going through difficult days pretending that everything is fine, you don’t have to tell us everything, but why not just a little bit? »

Reassuring images

In addition to these written messages, one also finds on the toilet paper of the reassuring images like that of a cat rolled up in a ball, as well as the phone numbers to call when you’re not well.

In total, 6,000 rolls of these toilet papers with a preventive message were distributed in 12 local universities. Hopefully they will play their preventive role.

What is certain is that the idea is original. And, perhaps in the privacy of the toilets, young people will take the time to read the messages and reflect.

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