Today’s horoscope for November 18: the signs that will improve intimacy with your partner

For fans of astrology, brings all the news according to your zodiac sign about love, the economy, luck, friendship and all kinds of personal and professional ties, so that they are attentive to what fate and the stars have in store for them.

All the information you are looking for horoscopein the note!


Business: Meetings will take place that ease the routine and make certain plans favorable.

Love: a confusion will make you meet a beautiful person; he will want to know everything about her.


Business: will face a difficult situation successfully. It will be pondered by influential people.

Love: His strong charisma will generate a warm romance, but it is convenient not to rush.


Business: the conflicts that coexist in your environment will cause your plans not to advance.

Love: you will discover that life as a couple requires great patience; test for two


Business: a prolonged discussion will make him not appreciate new ideas that are suggested to him.

Love: fullness; the couple will enjoy sweet experiences in privacy; everything will get better.


Business: discussions, anger and annoyances dissipate. His patient effort will bear fruit.

Love: your charisma will be very captivating; he will receive a gift that will dazzle him.


Business: difficulties to separate the illusory from the real. Plans should be reviewed.

Love: his feelings vibrate when a certain person arrives; warm romance looms.


Business: a stage of growth will begin, in which he will make strong decisions.

Love: harmony and dialogue will favor intimacy; will live dream moment.


Business: his fine intuition will anticipate his rivals; they won’t have time for anything.

Love: the mystery of a certain person seduces him and catches him with a sweet gesture.


Business: things seem to be upside down but what no longer works will change.

Love: you will find someone who will understand your efforts; romance will come out of nowhere.


Business: too much routine in areas that are often dynamic will make him restless.

Love: You will have creativity to soften rigid issues and create harmony in the couple.


Business: a hasty opinion will get you into trouble; he does not insist even if he is right.

Love: circumstances will cause him to say something sincere that will sound harsh but will be the truth.


Business: protect yourself from your surroundings. Out of compassion he will accept things that complicate him.

Love: your attempt to get close to a certain person will reveal your contained seduction. Romance.

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