Today on Friday on TV: You’ve never seen Sylvester Stallone like this

With the fighters John Rambo and Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone created two of the most iconic characters in action cinema, but they didn’t just bring him fame and glory. The documentary “Stallone – The Eternal Hero” also sheds light on the private individual behind the hard-trained muscles.

It was a rocky road for Sylvester Stallone to star in boxing drama Rocky, even though he wrote the screenplay himself. Of course, almost everyone who at least occasionally turns on the television or goes to the cinema knows that the tough struggle was worth it.

You can get a closer look at the person Stallone, who was never satisfied with action cinema today on Friday May 13, 2022 on arte throw. There runs at 9:45 p.m the documentary “Stallone – The Eternal Hero”, which is equipped with some considerable material. Among other things, his mother Jacqueline also has a say. If you want to get in the mood by watching the best moments from the “Rocky” saga, take a look at our video now.

Rocky – The 5 best movie moments

Aside from “Rocky” and “Rambo”: These films show a different Stallone

After watching the documentary, if you want to see another Sylvester Stallone in action who doesn’t machine-gun anyone to the afterlife, you have a few options. The drama “Copland” about mafia-like structures in the New York police force is often and willingly cited, in which Stallone as the hard of hearing sheriff gives what is perhaps the best acting performance of his career and can effortlessly hold his own alongside greats like Robert De Niro.

Also worth seeing are Norman Jewison’s portrait of the union “FIST – A Man Goes His Way” as well as the classic crime film “Nachthawken” and Stallone’s directorial debut “Vorhof zum Paradies” about two brothers who dream of big money as wrestlers in New York in the 1940s .

By the way, you can already find the documentary “Stallone – The Eternal Hero” in the Media library from arte. You can order all “Rocky” films from Amazon in a chic Blu-ray box.

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