Today is International Toilet Day: 7 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS

1. Improves company performance

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According to expert estimates, a functioning toilet can significantly change society. Each crown invested in a sanitary facility will save 5 crowns on health care and productivity. According to the United Nations, the toilet at home, at school and at work allows women to participate in social life even when they are pregnant or have their days.

2. They are thousands of years old

The oldest latrines with running water were built 3 to 5 thousand years ago. In ancient Rome, for example, public toilets were not a private affair, but they sat side by side on long benches, conversing, and even dealing with business. But the first modern flush toilet as we know it today is a much more modern invention. It was not invented until 1775 by the British Alexander Cumming.

3. The cleanest is the first

According to scientific studies, the first one is always the cleanest in public toilets, where you can choose cabins. It is precisely out of concern for cleanliness that people most often cross it.

4. The most expensive cost millions

Probably the most expensive toilet circulates on the International Space Station (ISS), the development came to about $ 23.4 million (515 million crowns). The toilet made of pure 18-carat gold, which was stolen from the British Museum the year before, was valued at only one million dollars, ie 22 million crowns.

5. The largest toilets are banned

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The largest public toilet in the world was the Porcelain Palace in the Chinese city of Chongqing. The giant public toilet was able to serve up to 1,000 visitors at a time. Together with the Love Land theme park, the Chinese authorities had it closed. He was too obscene.

6. We flush unnecessarily

Each Czech consumes an average of about 100 liters of water per day. Only two liters will fall for drinking. The rest goes mainly to flushing and personal hygiene. Old types of toilets are also to blame, which consume about 12 liters of water per flush, while modern ones save only two to four liters.

7. Europeans are unhealthy

According to doctors, classic European-style seating toilets are much more unhealthy than their “Turkish” counterparts, ie toilets you have to squat on. This is due to the unnatural sitting position, which complicates the emptying process and prolongs the time spent on the toilet. This causes more common problems with hemorrhoids. Therefore, owners of classic toilets are advised to add a chair to the bowl, which simulates the position of the body in a squat.

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