Today is Friday the 13th: 13 highlights of the scariest date

Friday is mainly portrayed by the Bible as a day of tragedy and misfortune. According to her, Christ was crucified on this day, the flood of the world began, tongues were confused in Babylon, Cain killed Abel, and Eve offered Adam an apple. Just all wrong. The thirteen then symbolizes the misfortune in the form of the number of guests of the Last Supper, when the thirteenth was to be a traitor to Judas. On Friday, October 13, 1307, the assassination and persecution of the Knights Templar began, and by then the superstitious people were clear. The combination of Friday and thirteen does not bring anything good. Is it just a superstition? These 13 facts will make it clear to you, at least a little …

1. Friday the 13th occurs a maximum of three times a year.

2. The fear of Friday the 13th even has two professional psychological names: paraskavedecatriaphobia and friggatriskaidecaphobia. The fear of the number thirteen is then triskaidecaphobia.

3. High-rise buildings often have no floors marked as thirteenth. They simply omit this number, or place security or maintenance on it. According to the elevator company Otis, this is up to 85% of the buildings.

4. According to a survey by Generali, on Friday the 13th, 37% of people would miss out on planning an operation, 34% on a key decision in life or 16% on signing a major contract.

5. In terms of traffic statistics, Friday has long been the worst day of the week in terms of accidents. Last year’s statistics only confirmed this.

6. On Friday the 13th, the cruise ship Costa Concordia sank.

7. Thirteen has already been skipped in Chammurapi’s Code.

8. The number thirteen hated, for example, Winston Churchill, who refused to travel thirteenth anywhere.

9. On Friday the 13th, the Italian opera composer Gioachino Rossini or the American rapper Tupac Shakur died.

10. If he lived to see them, the famous horror director Alfred Hitchcock would celebrate his 100th birthday on Friday the 13th of 1999.

11. On Friday, October 13, 1972, a plane with a Uruguayan rugby team crashed on the freezing peaks of the Andes. Eleven people out of 45 died in the fall, but most did not wait until 72 days after waiting in the freezing wasteland for rescue. 16 of them survived.

12. Thirteen is not the only unlucky number. The ancient Romans, for example, had a problem with the number 17 (XVII), because by swapping letters they got the word VIXI, which meant “My life is over.” Death is also reminiscent of the number four in Chinese, which is why hotels in Asia sometimes lack the fourth, fourteenth and twenty-fourth floors in addition to the thirteenth.

13. Thirteen is considered a lucky number in India and Thailand.

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