Today is another day, Alessandro Egger and Tove Villfor reveal: “A fire broke out between us at Dancing with the Stars”

There is more and more harmony, on and off the track, between the former face of Kinder bars Alexander Egger and her teacher Tore Villfor. The couple is consolidating their bond week after week and the effects can also be seen in the race. It was they who spoke to Serena Bortone about it, in the last episode of Today is another day: “I discovered practically everything. I was very unsure of what was going to happen, it’s my first time doing a live program. I didn’t know how to do anything, not even a step forward”, Alessandro began.

And the dancer confirmed: “I’ve seen it change a lot week by week. He’s crazy this guy, good crazy: he screams, jokes, laughs, jumps,” said Tore Villfor. “A fire broke out. Tove and I found each other from the first moment in a slightly different way, which created a lot of things around us. It connected us in a different way than the romantic story, ours is very emotional. There is affection, we are very synergistic“.

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