Toblerone will soon also be made in Slovakia

The famous chocolate brand Toblerone will no longer be produced exclusively in Switzerland. From the end of 2023, the small triangles in the shape of the Matterhorn will also come out of a factory in Slovakia. The international group Mondelez confirmed the information from the German-speaking radio station SRF on Wednesday. The personnel of the Bern-Brünnen factory were informed at the beginning of the week. Toblerone has been produced for more than 100 years in Bern and distributed worldwide.

According to SRF radio, it can no longer be stamped “Swiss milk chocolate” if part of the production is moved to Bratislava. The Mondelez plant in the Slovak capital already manufactures the Milka and Suchard brands. But the firm intends to remain faithful to the Bern site. “Bern is an important part of our history and will remain so,” Mondelez Europe’s Livia Kolmitz told Keystone-ATS.

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Investments in the Brünnen plant

Mondelez has invested heavily in the Brünnen factory over the past five years and is planning further investments. There are plans to increase production capacity for chocolate paste and nougat.

Invented by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann, Toblerone has been produced since 1908. The name is the association of the name of its inventor “Tobler” and “torrone”, the Italian name for honey and almond nougat. The fact that the triangular shape is inspired by the Matterhorn is certainly only a legend. But since 1970, the illustrious summit has appeared on the brand’s packaging, underlining its Swiss identity. The brand’s Bernese ancestry is evoked by a bear drawn on one face of the mountain.

In 1985, production was transferred from the Bernese district of Länggasse to the current factory located west of the federal capital. After several changes of ownership, Toblerone is now manufactured by the Mondelez group.

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