Tobias Rahim’s ‘naked’ book is a big hit: Publishers rush to print more books

If you can sell 10,000 books in Denmark, you have a bestseller. Tobias Rahim seems to be well on his way.

The pop star’s new book ‘Dreams paint reality’, which consists of a series of more or less undressed images and a collection of texts, which Politikens Forlag publishes under the name ‘digtsamling’, is so popular that they have immediately started printing more copies .

“We have produced an extraordinarily high first edition of 14,000 copies, but the demand has been so great that we already had to start a second edition on the day of publication (Thursday, ed.),” says press manager at Politikens Forlag Christina Zemanova, who adds :

“That’s the closest I can get to putting numbers on it. We are very satisfied.’

So far, the new book has also attracted a lot of attention and reviews, with the reviewers particularly noticing the book’s ‘nude’ pictures., which calls itself ‘Denmark’s largest internet bookshop, also has Tobias Rahim at the head of theirs bestseller liste, so now the question is how many books he ends up selling in total.

So far, however, there is a long way to go to the very largest seals.

Yayha Hassan’s famous debut poetry collection in 2013 started with an initial print run of 800, but ended three months later, according to Ritzau, as the best-selling debut in Danish history with 122,000 copies sold.

The cover of Tobias Rahim’s new book.
Photo: Politiken’s publisher

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If you look at other book genres, there is still a long way to go, for example the crime kingpin Jussi Adler-Olsen, whose books always sell like hotcakes.

In 2014, he published, among other things, the sixth ‘Department Q’ book, ‘The Borderless’, which according to had a record first circulation of 230,000 copies.

And to take a completely fresh example, former FE manager Lars Finde’s book ‘Spionchefen’ was published in October with a first edition of 20,000 copies.

Tobias Rahim has released his new book in the wake of a year in which he won all the biggest music awards, performed on all the biggest stages and constantly topped the charts with his music.

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