To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me Releases New Sneak Peek Featuring Doyoung

One of the July releases that has caught the attention of viewers is To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me. This drama will star NCT’s Doyoung as the male lead, along with new actress Han Ji Hyo. A refreshing K-Drama with new faces that promises to be a sweet and fun romantic comedy full of fantasy.

To The X Who Doesn’t Love is the new romantic drama of TVING, in which Doyoung of NCT will participate. This fantasy story premiered a new preview in which it introduces the main characters and the story.

Cast of To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me. // Source: Twitter @onlyfordoie

NCTzen is very excited for the premiere of To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me, as it will be Doyoung’s first time playing a leading role. In addition to that, the story will be full of new faces, which generated more excitement among the fans.

So if you’re looking forward to Doyoung’s new drama, here’s what you should know about To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me. A new romantic story that will be released in July.

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The new preview of To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me introduced the protagonists

The history centers on Seo Hee Soo (Han Ji Hyo), a young woman who is not very confident in herself and believes that she will never be able to fall in love with the boy of her dreams. However, everything changes when she finds a mysterious notebook, in which if she writes in it about the person she likes about her, this person will fall deeply in love with her.

However, the magic does not last forever, because falling in love only lasts for a month. So Seo Hee Soo will make up her mind to date different guys every month. On the other hand, her best friend Jeong Si Ho (Doyoung) starts to worry about her and this mysterious notebook of hers. Especially since her friend ends up heartbroken every month.

Starring in this romantic fantasy drama are Han Ji Hyo, NCT’s Doyoung, Gwon A Rum, Bang Jae Min, Son Hyun Woo, and Kim Ji Hoon. A story that will be full of attractive actors who will steal our hearts. You can see the first preview here:

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When does To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me premiere?

To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me will premiere on July 14 on TVING. So far, it is unknown if any streaming platform is going to broadcast the chapters. This drama is highly anticipated by fans of NCT’s Doyoung, as it will be his first job as a protagonist. Do you already want to see this series?

In other news, Hwarang is coming to Netflix in July, did you know?

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