To survive in eight billions, solidarity wins: the eco will not be exchanged for the ego

by Giorgio Boratto

The zoologist’s post is interesting Ferdinando Boero of the Federico II University of Naples: we will not decide to stop our growth, but nature and the law on limits will decide our arrest to the reproduction of the species. We will not be able to escape because “the reason is simple: the planet cannot offer sufficient resources to an unlimited number of individuals of any species. The law of growth is accompanied by that of the limit. Checks and balances. We, like all living things, increase in number with the reproductive processes. This tendency is internal to species and we are no exception. The law of the limit, on the other hand, is unknown to the species: the limit is imposed from the outside (by the environment that supports them)”.

The growth of the human species as we see is exponential and perhaps it is no coincidence that certain deadly viruses are born in countries strongly populous; even if due to their pandemic nature they affect all the populations of the Earth. Even the climatic crises will reserve famines and catastrophes such as fires, hydrological shortages, increasing human mortality also in this case… in short, everything will be included in Darwinian evolution; in its naturalistic laws and in its intrinsic reasons.

We will have to stop growing willy-nilly. But as they say, there is a part of the world population that exploits 80% of the resources and it represents only 20%. A principle of the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto that is found in real values. Paradoxically, then the poor countries that would like to live like those that have exploited natural resources would continue to do so, while the rich ones are looking for alternative sources and renewable… so? Here is that the epoch-making emigration of a large part of the African population to Europe could be read as a naturalist force also inserted in the Darwinian evolution: search for survival and balancing the exploitation of resources – now the prerogative of the rich West – as well as for a supply of new blood into an increasingly aging European population.

For the animal-man there is no doubt that his culture has acquired a dimension of a new nature. It will be precisely his culture to give an adequate and non-bloody answer useful to face this epochal phase. Of course it will depend on man what kind of culture he chooses to adopt. If he knows how to be wise, the right cultural answer must be that of solidarity and resource sharing. There will be no abstruse economies, linked to the consumption of materials and wealth at the expense of someone or something, but real economies: where the echo will not be mistaken for the ego. The choice is up to us.

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