"to stack" : Marie-Christine Adam (Under the sun) does not mince her words in the face of the Pierre Palmade affair… These remarks that will make people talk!

This Monday, March 6, 2023, Marie-Christine Adam was the guest of Jordan de Luxe on her show At Jordan’s. An opportunity for the host to question the actress about a case that has caused a lot of ink to flow since February 10: The accident caused by Pierre Palmade on a secondary road in Seine-et-Marne. Like Olivier Delacroix or Jean-Luc Reichmann, the one who played Blandine for a long time in the television series Under the sunis fed up with the media treatment of this drama and “relentlessness” journalists against the 54-year-old comedian.

“The relentlessness of the journalist and the press in general is to puke. Me, I think it’s going now, that’s enough, it’s going much too far”, first launched the actress before giving her opinion on the actor. For her, Pierre Palmade is “a smart man” Who “knows what he’s done and that’s it. No need to stir things up. I find it appalling personally.” And to continue: “The drama happened that night in the circumstances that we know and enough. Let’s stop talking about it, there are people between life and death unfortunately… We’re going after this man, but he’s going to pay, he has already paid. There are 41,000 dead in Turkey, in Syria, there is war in Ukraine and we are here… “

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Gil Alma agrees with Marie-Christine Adam

If Marie-Christine Adam does not understand this relentlessness, Gil Alma shares the opinion of his colleague. Guest on the set of Buzz-TV on February 22, 2023, the actor had not minced his words regarding the treatment of the case. “I didn’t know that… But at the time we put guys in the middle of the square and beat them up. It’s a lynching”analyzed the actor before recognizing the seriousness of the facts. “What he did is horrible. There are 600 accidents a year. There, it’s Pierre Palmade, there we go, everyone sticks to it. It’s horrible what he does did, no problem.” And to conclude: “Let it move things forward […]that we put a guy to death in the media, but at least that it is useful for something“.


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