To Mares in Florida: Monika’s figure is literally breathtaking

The family enjoyed relaxing in sunny Florida. The three of them were frolicking together on the beach and they couldn’t impoverish their followers after all. When Monika posted pictures with her family on her Instagram profile, the vast majority of comments revolved around her incredible figure.

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Marešová she is less than a year after giving birth, but her figure is as if it has not been noticed at all. She’s as slim as a lunt and fans are going crazy. At the same time, they admire Monica for her minimalism and sense of style. “I like your posts. You never curl up, you don’t impose your beauty on everyone, nor your child. You are original here among Instagrammers!” read one of the comments. “I like your aristocratic, clean and stylish way of your presentations on social networks!! Something very unique, approaching art,” another of her followers praised Marešová. Influencers have a lot to learn from her!

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